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    I have a boat trailer which uses 3" x 5" rubber keel rollers with a 1/2" BOLT. They are no longer made with 1/2" holes so I want to enlarge the hole in the metal bracket to accept a 5/8" bolt. Can I drill out the 1/2" hole or can I ream it out? The material is 1/8" thick. Alternately, I would get a sleeve to insert in the new roller to reduce the hole from 5/8" to 1/2" but where can I get such a sleeve (roller is 5" long). Thanks for any advice you can supply.
    - keith T


    I Have the perfect product for you.

    5/8" construction reamer.

    This will enlarge you hole for you perfectly. A tapered reamer will do what you need.
    - John
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