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    I need to find 36" or longer drill bits in 1/2" diameter for drilling across (from edge to edge of) bench tops made of 3" - 4" timbers splined together. I need a bit that will not flex the way I have found auger bits flex when long lengths. Ideally a solid shank with about 10" of flute at the cutting end would be less likely to flex. I have had a problem recently with one of these bits breaking (in two places at once) while drilling through fir timbers.
    - Elia S


    The only bit I have that comes close is a 36 inch aircraft bit. The bit is made for drilling metal but with it s split point design it will drill wood. The flute length is only 4".

    is the part number, follow this link.

    Aircraft Drills - Fractional
    - John
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