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    I have a pool with repressed clay brick pavers around it. I need to drill holes to insert loop lock pool cover anchors.

    the anchors take a 3/4" hole, and have a 1/4" tall shoulder at the to which increases the diameter to 27/32".

    Will a carbide tipped masronry bit be sufficient for this application? Do you recommend pilot holes? Should I start the 27/32" (or 7/8") hole first, then continus with the 3/4" hole?

    Will the hammer function brake this type of brick?
    Thanks for your help.
    - Dennis


    Drill the 3/4 holes first, then the 7/8. The hammering action should only help for the 3/4 holes but I would turn it off for the 7/8. Hex Shank Hammer Drills
    - John
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