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Taper Taps

Taper taps have the longest thread chamfer, from 7 to 10 threads. They are particularly useful for starting threads, and tapping through holes
Plug Taps

This style, witha a 3 to 5 thread chamfer, is widely used in through holes, and where there is enough room at the bottom of a closed hole. This is commonly a general purpose tap.
Bottoming Taps

Bottoming taps have only a 1 to 2 thread chamfer. These are made to thread blind or "closed" holes close to the bottom of the hole

- Contain one of each style
Pulley Taps
6" Overall Length
Spiral Point "Gun" Taps
Spiral point taps have the cutting face of the first few threads cut at a predetermined angle to force removal of chips ahead of the cutting action. This gives the spiral point tap more cross-sectional area giving the tap greater strength, which allows for higher tapping speeds. This is ideal for production purposes.
Drill / Tap Combos
Allows for drilling and tapping in one process
Pipe Taps
Large Diameter Taps with Industry Standard Threads